Distance Spiritual and Distance Energy Healing for your Pets

Aneta and dog

If you would like to support your beloved pet during times of upheaval and difficulties, then Distance Energy Healing is a very powerful healing modality which will facilitate that need in a gentle and caring way, making a huge difference in the well being of your beloved pet.

The energy system of your pet is quite similar to that of a human being. A healthy, playful and joyful cat or dog has a strong, clear and balanced energy field.

And just as we go through different physical and emotional hardships, so do our pets. These are often the cause of energetic disturbances, energy blockages, loss of the protective layer around the body, which if left untreated, can manifest on the physical level.

It is best to address these negative energy issues before they manifest physically, however if your beloved pet is already suffering, it is not too late to act, as removing all the heavy and murky negative energies and balancing and boosting your pet's energy body, as well as giving a message of strength, encouragement and love on a subconscious level, will set your pet up for the best possible recovery.

Fortunately, animals are very responsive to energy healing, especially to Distance Healing which is less invasive and very comfortable and pleasant for the animal.

During Distance Healing the energy travels instantly to any place, independent of distance, once the healing connection is established. The Distance Healing Session is tailored to each animal’s or human’s needs.

Distance Healing is also compatible with other modalities and treatments as well as conventional medicine. Clearing the animals energies before and after surgery is also beneficial.

It is very important to be aware that our pets help us through our difficulties. Our beloved dog or cat will take on our negative energies to support us in our hardship.

If you have been going through difficulties and hardships yourself, then in order to support your animal in return we recommend looking into booking the Distance Healing Session for yourself and your pet at the same time. That way the negative energy is removed from both of you and the channels between you and your beloved friend are cleared.

Healthy pet - healthy owner

As mentioned, animals can find themselves in an unbalanced state for many reasons, some common ones are given in the following short check list:

  • Emotional stress, past or present.
  • Physical stress, past or present
  • Environmental stresses
  • Physical illness
  • General anxiety
  • Separation anxiety
  • Abandonment
  • Depression
  • Spiritual attachment
  • Approaching end-of-life

You can choose from any of the following programs:

Pet Distance Healing Program - 10 days

  • Four Deep Distance Healing Sessions, each 3 days apart
  • Energy Pre-Assessment via email
  • Messages from your pet, if any given
  • Clearing all negative energies
  • Balancing and boosting the energy body
  • Restoring the correct energy flow with the energy field
  • Energetic clearing of your pet's sleeping quarters
  • Strengthening your connection with your pet

The fee for the Pet Energy Healing Program is AUD $270

(AUD = Australian Dollars, this is approximately USD $195, GBP £150, EUR €165).
See the currency converter below to convert into your own currency.

Pet and Owner Distance Healing Program - 10 Days

  • Distance Healing Program as above for your pet
  • Bronze Distance Healing Program for the pet's owner, conncurrently with the pet's program. The Bronze program includes four healings plus extras, see our Bronze Program for details.

The fee for the combined Pet and Owner Healing Program is:
AUD $450

(AUD = Australian Dollars, this is approximately USD $325, GBP £250, EUR €270).
See the currency converter below to convert into your own currency.

Dog, Aneta and Owner

Longer healing programs are also available, after a healing assessment taking individual needs in to account.

Please note that healing doesn’t mean necessarily curing. Energy Healing does not replace medical care given by your vet, but is a great complementary therapy to conventional medical treatment.

Additional Family Member or Pet Option

Add the Family Member Option for each human or pet family member living at the same address, who you wish to additionally receive the selected healing program, for only AUD $99 per person or animal. (An extra person can only be added to the pet + owner combination program). You can increase the quantity for more family members and/or pets at checkout.

House Clearing Option

Add the House Clearing Option to have your house (where the pet receiving the healing lives) cleared of negative energies during the healing program. This is advisable to take your healing to the next level, to prevent any negative effects on your healing from your environment. This option is available with any healing program for only:
AUD $99.

Cat and dog

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