Your Blessed Talisman

A constant flow of Blessings and Protection

A perfect gift to yourself and your loved ones

The blessed healing Talismans are flowing with divine loving healing energy. Each Talisman is unique and individually prepared for you, blessed by Aneta in an ancient spiritual ritual. Your Talisman is highly tuned to your specific personal needs. It will boost and strengthen your own natural loving energies and let your authentic self / energies shine. The energy of the Blessed Talisman creates a very supportive and protective environment to keep negativity at bay. Your blessed Talisman will help you to transform and will gently guide you towards achieving your dreams.

Your Talisman can be programmed with an intention of your choice, e.g. Love, Protection or Prosperity.

Worn after a Healing, your Blessed Talisman will support your Healing process taking you to the next level. Combining Healing and the Blessed Talisman creates an extremely powerful and positive shift.

Postage by standard air parcel post is included to most countries. This service is not available to some countries, in which case we cm come to an arrangement for the extra postage cost.

Mountain Stream Pebble Talisman


Blessed Mountain Stream Pebble Talisman

The pebbles have been submerged in the waters of our crystal clear creek in an extraordinary mountain setting. They are specially selected for you to hold the maximum amount of divine Healing energies embedded in them during the blessing ritual by Aneta.

You can optionally enter an intention to be programmed into your pebble, below.

AUD $45 each

Intention to be programmed:

Gold Pebble  Black Pebble  Brown Pebble

Glazed Tile Talisman


Blessed Glazed Tile Talisman

The tiles and glazing have been created by extreme heat, ensuring they are pure conductors of energy. Each tile is blessed in a divine blessing ritual by Aneta.

You can optionally enter an intention to be programmed into your tile, below.

AUD $35 each

Intention to be programmed:

Blue Tile Coloured Tile

Green Tile Gold Tile

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